About us

Our Honey

Ritzer's Hot Honey uses 100% organic wildflower honey sourced here in the USA. The honey is infused with a combination of chilies in a process that has been perfected since 2019. 

About us

Ritzer's Hot Honey was conceptuilized by Adam Ritzer in 2019. Adam first started developing his recipe when he was a junior at the State University of New York at Canton, where he would experiment with different types of recipes to dip french fries. Adam mixed chili-paste with honey, and an idea was born. After a lengthy process of experimenting with flavors, Adam ultimately decided to place the idea on hold until he could get the recipe perfect. Fast forward to 2021, Adam's recipe was ready to be produced. The honey goes through a lengthy infusion process, where it meets two different types of chilies. One chile is fresh, and the other is dried, and the combination of the two are what makes Ritzer's Hot Honey what it is today. After some small taste testings, he completed his mission of finishing the vision he had years prior. Today, Ritzer's Hot Honey is produced in Copiague, New York.


Our Mission

Our mission at Ritzer's Hot Honey is to bring our customers the best chili-infused honey on the market. Each product used in the production of our hot honey is quality tested endlessly and hand-picked to ensure the finished product is of the highest quality.